Monday, February 25, 2013

First Quarter Review

well that went by pretty quick. i cant say I'm happy about that. it means were that much closer to graduation and that's a step closer to college and the real world and that scares the crap out of me. there really isn't much to say about my performance this quarter other than an embarrassment. i fell so far behind in this class and its by far my favorite class. ever. so I'm very embarrassed that i haven't challenged myself or put the work forward. i know my classmates are disappointed in me and i sure am too. everyone always says they re going to vhange and do this and that. no one really does though. i can honestly say I'm going to try. Ive faced so many mentally and physical struggles this first quarter and that's all handled now so i have no excuse to fall behind. Ive been lucky enough to have someone pick me back up and get me on my feet again so i need to repay the favor by doing my shit and getting my act together.

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